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Reach all the way to health, success and true happiness!

Human Awareness offer life-changing courses, programs and coaching in profound personal development. We have helped thousands of people – with completely different backgrounds and challenges – to find abundance joy and satisfaction in life. 

Even though the rest of the world is not in harmony yet, it is fully possible for YOU to create this in YOUR life already!

Human Awareness changes your life forever! 

Personal Leadership 90 Days

A life-changing online program in deep self-awareness for those who wish to feel truly great, with good health, a high life energy, emotional freedom and deep, genuine relationships. We help you unleash your inner driving force so you can live the passionate, amazing life you deserve!

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Seize LIFE!

Our highly popular 4-day course is a unique opportunity to once and for all let go of what no longer benefits you and start living life TO THE FULLEST! We promise that your life and your relationships (it's great for couples) will change forever!

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  • Human Awareness World

    “The Personal Leadership 90 Days Program has given me insight into how to truly seize life! Very educational and loving. I am so happy and grateful!”



  • Human Awareness World

    “A fantastic and profound course. I feel that I have found myself again and can be who I am! The course has made me braver and more secure in myself! A very good layout with varied content to keep moving forward. Thanks!”



  • Human Awareness World

    “A course that gives you the tools to live a life with more joy, harmony and peace.”



  • Human Awareness World

    “Much of what I am, do, and have achieved, I have Human Awareness to thank for. A good structure, no fuzz, strong processes and 100% presence! Courses that must be experienced by everyone at least once during their lifetime! You will be changed in a way you could only dream of!”



  • Human Awareness World

    “The Personal Leadership 90 Days Program has been an amazing experience all the way and if you want to live life to the fullest, go for this course. Thanks for the opportunity to participate!”

    John Erik Kostenniemi


  • Human Awareness World

    “Seize LIFE! is a way to get in touch with your inner desires. An amazing sensitivity and fine tuning with the focus on what is happening in the group. You are so skilled at pinpointing exactly what every person needs - absolutely incredible! I'm so impressed!”



  • Human Awareness World

    “The course has given me greater joy in life, insights and inspiration. It has also given me many new insights and tools to move forward in my life. Everyone should take this course. It cannot be praised enough for its professionalism and loving execution.”



  • Human Awareness World

    “The Personal Leadership 90 Days Program has given me so much. It has given me a whole new dimension to how I look at myself and others. I have gained so many insights and aha experiences thanks to the course structure and I want everyone to experience this!”



  • Human Awareness World

    “Magical – I can highly recommend the Human Awareness courses.”



  • Human Awareness World

    “A tough journey, but a huge kick in the inner leadership that you take with you as long as you live!”

    Peter Nilsson


  • Human Awareness World

    “The Personal Leadership 90 Days Program is the best and most important thing I've done for myself in a very long time!”

  • Human Awareness World

    “If you want to get to know yourself in depth
    If you want to experience unconditional love
    If you want to be involved in something magical
    Then you should participate in this course!”

    Agneta Lyrhagen